Fiat Dino 2400 - 1970

Fiat Dino 2400 - 1970

This is a highly original and well known car in the UK Dino Owners Club. It is the ex Richard Banks (Alfaholics) car that has been featured twice in Classic & Sportscar magazine. The Dino was imported from Rome to the UK back in 1987 were it was stripped for exterior trim and given  a professional oven-baked repaint in its correct Argento silver by Banks restorer. At the same time the body received a proper wax treatment in all cavities which to this day has kept the entire body in pristine condition.

In 2008 the Dino came to Denmark were a meticulously owner has kept it on a no-expense spared basis. There is a vast amount of documentation filling to large binders with history from the UK to this year’s latest  invoice of €24,000 from the official Danish Ferrari importer and workshop on a complete rebuild of the engine. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but simply as a preventive measure. This is just to illustrate how the owner kept his Dino. The immaculate interior in red and grey fabric is totally original as is the rest of the car. The total mileage from new is 84.317 km and this is most likely the finest Dino the market has to offer at his moment.


OBS, OBS, OBS! We have just reduced the price with a whopping DKK65.000 from DKK540.000 (€8,600 from €72,500) and this is still a Dino in absolutely mint condition, with an impeccable history and not least a fresh and totally rebuilt engine from authorized Ferrari workshop! Please do your own comparison with what the market has to offer.

EURO 63.900

DKK 475.000