Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce - 1961

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce - 1961

Very few car manufacturers had the exclusivity and aura that surrounded Alfa Romeo in the pre-war era. Their dominance in motorsport was matched by Bugatti and Mercedes only. Alfas great achievement in the early post-war period was to convert their expensive, handmade production for only the wealthiest into a larger scale series production. The little Giulietta from 1955 was a cornerstone in this strategy.

Into the handsome body styled by Franco Scaglione at Bertone went a little jewel of an all alloy engine with wet cylinder sleeves, twin overhead camshafts, cylinder head with hemispheric combustion chambers and 8 ports prepared to take either a single carburetor or twin double choke Webers. This masterpiece of an engine was conceived under the management of Alfas chief engineer Orazio Satta Puliga and especially the high performance Veloce version with its hotter camshafts, bigger valves and twin double choke Webers quickly became a favorite subject of the many small independent engine tuners "preparatori" in Italy. Giuliettas prepared by Conrero, Bosato, Facetti and Nardi won numerous races on road and track head to head with fierce competition from Porsche 356 and others.

This 1961 Giulietta is one of those highly attractive original Veloce versions. It has matching numbers and colors. The car comes from Treviso and has been totally restored in Italy to a high standard.

EURO 97.000

DKK 725.000