Maserati Indy 4700 America - 1971

Maserati Indy 4700 America - 1971

The Maserati Indy was one of the fastest and most powerful Grand Tourers of its time. It was styled by Vignale as a practical four-seater with a generous luggage compartment and showed to the public for the first time at the Turin Motor Show in 1968. Fitted with the Maserati 450S racecar derived V8 engine with 4 overhead camshafts, it was capable of carrying 4 passengers at speeds in excess of 250 kph. The luxurious interior in leather with thick carpets and a fabulous dashboard was no doubt one of the nicest places to be at that time – and still is we might add.

The V8 is a marvel of an engine. It certainly is muscular and although it has race blood running through its veins also extremely flexible. Downshifts are seldom necessary as the V8 picks up speed effortlessly and without hesitation from low rpm, but sometimes it can be hard to resist the temptation anyway just to feel the urgency from this engine and hear the unmistakably racing howl from the twin exhaust pipes as it guns the car forward in a long, persistent urge.

Chassis number 471112 belonged to the former Ferrari importer and car collector Damgaard-Nielsen. About 12 years year ago it went through a restoration at the most respected specialist workshop for classic Italian exotics here in Denmark. We have of course documentation from the process. Since then is has done less than 7.000 km. In 2017 the Indy checked in to the official Ferrari-Maserati importer for a full rebuild of the 4.7 liter engine at the expense of more than €35.000. We can say without hesitation that this Indy must be one the best in existence and it comes with a huge amount of documentation that should give peace of mind for many years to come for the next lucky owner of this immaculate car. A car for the discerning buyer who wants the best the market has to offer.


OBS! Now with a major price reduction of €15,000 (was €120,000)

EURO 105.000

DKK 785.000