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Jensen Interceptor - 1974

Jensen Interceptor  - 1974

To quote an old pre-war Jensen sales brochure: 'Owning a Jensen says more about you that you could say about yourself'. The Interceptor was Italian design, British craftmansship and American muscles. A true Gentlemans Express and the most luxurious of the Jensen cars was this S4 version of the Interceptor Mark III series. Of all the 6.400 Interceptors made, only 267 was the convertible version which make this quite a rare car. It has the biggest of all engines, the Chrysler V8 440 cubic inches (7.2 liter)  'Big Block' engine coupled to the TorqueFlite automatic transmission.

Maybe not the fastest sportscar car in its days, the huge V8 nevertheless guns this big luxury car forward with quite an authority even by todays standards. A sledge hammer in a velvet glove. The elegant bodywork here in a beautiful burgundy metallic, the rich leather and polished veneer interior makes this high class cruiser very pleasant and comfortable for its occupants. This Interceptor was partly restored some 6 years ago. Body was already excellent with only very minor rust. Condition of the car is still excellent inside and out. Automatic transmission and electric windows are among the amenities adding to the comfort and the big 8 track cassette tape deck of course of the renowned 'Jensen' brand is not missing either.

Comes with Danish papers and all EU taxes paid, ready to register and enjoy. Also take a look at the original Jensen Interceptor brochure by following the link here.