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Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth - 1984

Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth - 1984

The Golf GTI was without doubt  the most  respected member of the hot hatch class it gave name to. Polished and polite quality that went as well as a Hugo Boss suit to any occasion in the 1980'es yuppie days whether you went to pick up your child at school or a to a "vernissage" in a posh art gallery in the City.

When Abarth took the Fiat Ritmo and made a hot hatch out it, it became the hooligan of the class. Powered by Fiat’s cracking belt-driven twin-cam engine with two horizontal double-choke carbs with that unmistakable intake roar on top of a meaty exhaust note. An eager chassis with involving steering and effective brakes made it a lot more fun to drive than pretty much all other contenders in the GTI party. Add to that a racy interior with hardcore Recaro bucket seats and just about the most "sportif" dashboard you could think of. And there you have it: The Italian GTI. A car more home on a trackday at Monza than at an evening garden party at Villa d'Este a few miles north.

This now almost forgotten - and unfairly so, anyone with a closer knowledge with these cars would say - was far from the most common sight in the GTI heydays. Nowadays an Abarth 130 TC is an even rarer sight and to find one in pristine condition is almost impossible. But here we have it. This 1984 Abarth is in fabulous condition. Body, mechanics, interior, everything is superb and very well kept. Total mileage is 110.000 km. On the pictures it sits on Lancia Delta Integrale wheels, but the original alloys is also part of the deal.

The car has Danish title and there is therefore no tax or VAT  to pay at import to other EU member states. This rare GTI needs nothing and is ready to be enjoyed.