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Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce – 1974

EUR 42,500

Nice and well performing example of the legendary Bertone coupe from Alfa Romeo in the classic ”Prugna” color, which suits the car so well. This is the final version of the “Bertone” out of many classic variants of the beautiful design penned by Giugiaro. Much care and attention was given to the car during its lifetime, which you are not in doubt about when seeing and driving the car. The body is in a very good condition with a nice panel fit and the paint presents nicely as well. Equipped with the big 2000 (Nord) engine, which has more torque than the smaller versions, you will note a clean and powerful push through the gears. Combined with the lsd and higher final drive – only available for the 2000 version – the car is at home on twisted roads as well as on highways where it can maintain a good march speed. The gear box is well functioning also when down-shifting and you will never get bored of listening to the intake sound from the double Weber carburetors. All in all qualities, which really make you want to drive and enjoy the car.

The cabin presents well in its delicate bright fabric, appears very original and well maintained and completes the image of a classic “Pocket GT” from a golden period of Alfa Romeo. Today it is much more easy to buy spare parts for these models, which makes is unproblematic and quite reasonable to drive and enjoy the car.

We deliver the car with fresh MOT and Danish titles ready to provide its new owner with a lot of joy and pleasure.