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Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT 1977

EUR 21,800

At the 1974 introduction by Alfa Romeo of the all new Alfetta GTV as the successor to the successful 105 Series “Bertone coupe”, it was once again design master Giugiaro presenting the astonishing new design. The expectations were high, since the former model had built up a great reputation for beautiful design and excellent performing mechanics. That’s why Alfa Romeo with the Alfetta came up with a completely new drivetrain and suspension setup, constructed according to the transaxle principle, where the gearbox and differential is combined with a DiDion rear axle. This provides an ideal weight distribution of 50/50, improving the balance and driving characteristics, which still today – here 45 years after the introduction – feels very inspiring. The interior was also redesigned and very modern, and in the early first generation cars with the rev counter placed directly and very sporty straight in front of the driver, while the other instruments are located in the center of the dashboard. The first generation is also known for the elegant slim chrome bumpers and the split taillights, design details that disappeared on the later updated models. The engine is the well-known and proven “North” engine with double overhead camshafts and double carburetors. Initially it came as 1.8 liters but from 1976 as both 1.6 (GT) and 2.0 (GTV). The car here is an Alfetta GT of the first series.

We found this wonderful car south of Rome and it is a completely original and unspoiled car, which has never been welded and with the original interior still in perfect condition. The car was repainted some 5 years ago in its original Blu Pervinca (engine compartment is still in original paint!). Apart from this the car looks like when it left the factory in Arese – stunningly original. It’s so rare to find such an original car and it took us by storm. The owner was very proud of his car as well, and actually a bit sad when it headed north.

Behind the wheel the car works really well, the engine pulls smoothly and eagerly up through the revs, and both steering and brakes are sharp as they should be. On a countryside road with nice turns you feel how well balanced the car is to drive.

All in all this is a rare opportunity to acquire a completely original Alfetta GT, a true time warp.