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Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider – 1965

EUR 71,000

When Max Hoffman the well-knowned importer of European luxury and sports cars spotted the sedan and coupe versions of the new Giulietta model he immediately took contact to Alfa Romeo with the message – “We need this model as a convertible”. Hoffman was a man to be taken seriously, which they knew at Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and the rest of European automobile manufactures. The demand for the convertible proved Hoffman right. Following the presentation on the Paris car exhibition in 1955 the Italians on the home marked had to wait a long time for deliveries of the new Spider. Clearly the US market was first priority. Equipped with a little jewel of an all-aluminum engine with double overhead camshafts and driving characteristics to match, the car was in another league than the more simply constructed British competition.

“A car has no business being so desirable” Road & Track wrote when they tested the small Alfa Giulietta for the second time. They referred to the technic and inspiring road manners but surely also to the beautiful look of the car. The small beauty designed by Pininfarina became a symbol of “La dolce Vita” the period of the late fifties with stars like Audrey Hepburn or Birgitte Bardot behind the wheel passing idyllic Italian towns on a rivera where the sun always shine and every café serves a refreshing Aperol with clinking ice tubes.

This Giulia is a Tipo 101 from 1965. It has a longer wheelbase to the benefit of the space in the cockpit, which is somewhat larger than the first Tipo 750 “Passo Corto”. These cars are recognizable on the triangular side windows, which the short wheel base cars do not have. Technically the car benefits from the 1600 engine (hence the “Giulia” name) as well of a 5 speed gearbox and disc brakes on the front wheels. These improvements make the car much more usable on longer trips. Furthermore modern seat belts are installed.

This example is in a very nice condition body wise, technically and cosmetically. The former owner took good care of the car, which was regularly serviced by a reputable Danish specialist. Work done includes a complete renovation of the engine, contactless ignition, electronic fuel pump etc. Also the running gear was renovated with a higher top gear ratio, which benefits driving in modern traffic. Overall we can state that this is one of the best driving and most harmonic examples we have come across. Add to that a well-functioning soft top in good condition and seats covered in leather and you are left with a quite irresistible package.

The car is ready to be enjoyed for the summer and comes with Danish papers.