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Lancia 2000 – 1972

EURO 26.700

Quality and great engineering dressed in a handsome Pininfarina tailored suit could almost sum up the sophisticated Lancia 2000 coupe.  It has body lines which reminds us of a Fiat Dino or 124 coupe and from a rear quarter view it could be a Ferrari 330 GT.

When introduced in 1500cc form in 1960 under the Flavia name, it was the first Italian car with front wheel drive. The 2000  lost its Flavia name in 1972 and featured a 2 liter, flat-four, water-cooled boxer engine located in front of the front axle like a modern Audi. It gave the HF a low center of gravity with safe road manners. 5-speed gearbox and disc brakes on all 4 wheels was not everyday stuff in these days.

With big elegant instruments in a wooden dashboard, wood rimmed steering wheel, leather upholstery and thick carpets, the interior of the 2000 oozes style and subdued class. The 2000 was maybe not the most expensive car money could buy, but it cost almost the same as a Mercedes 250 CE and choosing this elegant and aristocratic motorcar the Lancia owner did make the discrete statement that he had a taste for the finer things in life and could afford it.

We found this 2000 coupe in Rome and drove it on its own wheels the almost 2500 km to Copenhagen in comfort and without a single problem. It is registered in the Italian Vintage car association ASI which requires certain standards when it comes to originality and condition and we can only say that this car is in almost pristine condition inside and out. The Lancia is a refined motorcar and this 2000 is surely a joy to drive and is bound to give its new owner great joy and pride.