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Lotus Super Seven S2 – 1961

Euro 31.000

Please see nice presentation video below

Colin Chapman was mad about cars when he started working for the British Aluminum Company in the 50’s. It was probably here his thinking of making his cars as light as possible was born. Light cars can manage with smaller and lighter engines, smaller brakes, smaller and lighter everything, and thus the whole design philosophy enters a good flow. Chapman’s cars raced with small engines in circles around heavier cars with twice the engine power or more.

When the Lotus Seven was presented in 1957 as a kit car, at first glance it resembled the predecessor model Lotus Six. Up through the 60s, it became increasingly refined into the Series 2 and Series 3, and with increasingly powerful engines. Lotus was far too small a manufacturer to produce engines and gearboxes themselves, so they sourced this from various suppliers. Right from the beginning, Ford engines from Anglia and Popular were used, then later the Coventry Climax and Ford’s ‘Kent’ cross-flow engines were used. Finally the Ford/Lotus 1600 Twin Cam arrived. In 1973 the Lotus dealer Caterham took over the sales and production rights from Lotus, and continued the production of the small Seven, hereafter called the Caterham Super Seven.

However, this car presented here is a genuine Lotus Seven Series 2 produced in 1961 and not one of the countless replicas built afterwards. The 1499ccm Kent engine has been equipped with the classic 2 double Weber’s, which ensure free breathing with the corresponding sound image. The engine is extremely fresh without being overwhelming, which suits the small crisp car. It is difficult to say anything about the little Seven’s driving characteristics that has not already been said. It gives you one of the most intense driving experiences you’ll get in any car registered for use on public roads – regardless of price! It’s raw, it’s direct, it’s fast and you always land from a drive in a Seven with a sweaty smile on your face. Highly addictive!

This car is well known in the Lotus community, as the previous owner was very well known in the Lotus Club society. Originally imported from England in 1999 to Denmark. The car has been kept strictly minimal and quite original, avoiding the temptation to fit huge wheels and other upgrades. The car is practically as it left the factory, now more than 60 years ago. A large binder with documentation and lots of history follows the car, testifying a genuine enthusiast ownership over the years. Driving the car is full of charm, able to drive the light car extremely fast around corners with a little whining from the narrow wheels. Pure fun it is.