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MGB GT – 1968

EUR 17,500

There are numerous reasons for the success MG achieved with the B Model as well as the popularity in the present classic car market. With its monocoque body the issue of rattling and shakes, which was always present in the old models was finally solved and this construction also provided a much stiffer chassis. Take a walk in London and you will soon see numerous MGB’s in action as a chick, efficient and quite affordable way of being transported in contradiction to the soulless modern cars within an achievable price range. Perhaps it is the combination of old and modern, which makes the MGB so charming.

The sparepart situation is quite unique for this classic car and today it is probably easier to get parts than it has ever been. You can get everything for this car and at quite reasonable prices. Every standard item is available as well as a lot of upgrade parts for engine, suspension, brakes, interior etc. British Motor Heritage even produce brand new bodies for all variants and in fact it is possible to build a completely brand new MGB – if you wish so.

Pininfarina assisted in the creation of a beautiful as well as practical small 2+2 coupe version of the open roadster, which originated from a design by Frua. You feel immediately at home when entering behind the wheel and the driving position is suitable for almost anyone. The cozy cabin is not big but you will soon appreciate the functionality and the feeling of a very reliable and basic lay out. Perfectly suited for the transportation of 2 persons and perhaps a small child, the car proves to be quite practical in daily use. The engine has plenty of torque for long distance cruising and the big tailgate easily deals with the weekend shopping.

This car origin from USA and came to Denmark in 1987. It was in quite good condition and performed well for many years. In 2005 it went thorough a major restoration by an enthusiastic owner including new paint, new mechanics and interior. Today the car still looks glorious and you get this solid and reliable impression when driving the car. Add to this the crisp and classic sound of the engine, and you have a nice MG, which will make you smile whenever driving it.

Car is delivered with Danish title, ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.