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Porsche 911 Turbo – 1978

Today where every respectable supercar has 500 BHP or more, 3.3 liter and 300 BHP does not appear overwhelming. The mighty Porsche 930 was in its day however the fastest and most powerful supercar in series production. Only the two 12 cylinders out of San’t Agate and Maranello, the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari 512BB could aspire to cope with the Porsche. Sit in behind the wheel, turn the key and even today a 930 with its beefy sound will rise your adrenaline level. It accellerates like a rocketship, a bit lazy to start with and then it sits on its fat rear tyres and inhales the horizon like no other car. Even today where the German Autobahn is filled with 230 km/h modern turbodiesels from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, the +270 km/h 930 still has lot of ‘Überholprestige’ as the Germans call it.

This 930 is as pristine as one could possibly hope to find. It has a remarkable 20.000 miles on the clock from new and was originally sold new in the United States. Except from the speedometer still in miles, it it now a euro spec car with the full 300 BHP. The ivory white is the original factory paint and it is spotless as is the rest of the car. This is a rare chance for the passionate classic 911 collector to aquire what must be one of the very best 930 on the market.