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Porsche 911S 2.4 Targa – 1973

This good looking Targa of the classic F-model is not as innocent as it looks. The 2.4S with 190 BHP is in itself by now means a slow car even by modern standards. It outdrags the majority of modern cars which is quite impressive for an almost 40 year old car. Under the rear bonnet lures however a real gem. The 2.4S engine is not only totally rebuilt by It is also powertuned to Carrera RS specifications and further enlarged to a displacement of 2.9 liter. Twin spark heads with double ignition, RS cams and RSR mechanical injection pump is just some of the goodies in this 30.000 Euro expensive engine. We have not had this car on a rolling road, but a conservative guess says 240 BHP. The car accelerates like a rocketship and the sound is awesome. You have to attend a historic event with high-strung, air-cooled Porsches to experience a spine-tingling howl like this.

The Targa is as close to original inside and out as possible. The color is the rare Gulf blue as per factory. Also the small fog lamps was according to the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity present when first delivered from Stuttgart. The Recaro S seats is not missing either. This Porsche is not concours, but it is in very, very good condition. Nothing needs to done and it provides a classic motoring experience of the very rare.