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Volvo P1800 S – 1966


The iconic sports car from Volvo immortalized in the cult series ”The Saint” with Roger More as the main character. From the introduction in 1961 the car was produced by Jensen in UK and from 1963 the production moved to Sweden, where production continued throughout the lifetime of the model. Engine was the well proven B18S, known from the Amazon passenger cars, fitted with a 4 speed gearbox with overdrive.

This example from 1966 presents itself quite nicely in its classic red color, which suits a P1800 so well. The 1966 model was the last year with the gorgeous and characteristic curved side lists in chrome, later they were replaced by straight list. Condition of the paint is still very good and the interior has the right kind of patina. The front seats has recentlybeen refitted with black leather. Also the roof lining was renewed. Technically the car is well functioning as it is upgraded with the larger B20 engine with fuel injection from the “E/ES” model with a healthy 130 bhp. This package delivers plenty of torque and power to make the car a comfortable long distance driver. Suspension and brakes has been updated by the last owner, and the final touch was the addition of slighty wider wheels which looks great on the car. The overdrive function works well and is an advantage on longer trips.

The car is delivered with historical Danish license plates ready to be enjoyed by the new owner.