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Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 3,2 V6 – 2004

Price 29.500 Euro

Remember to watch the nice video presentation below

When Alfa Romeo launched the new model 156 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997, the car world was almost blown away by the successful design. The car was an instant success judging by the reactions at the exhibition, and if only it drove half as well as it looked, the journalists predicted that it would become a success. And Alfa Romeo needed it, the sales figures at the time were not too good. After the first test drives, however, it was clear that the car didn’t just look great, it drove heavenly. Here was truly a dream combination of elegant and sporty design, combined with unrivaled driving characteristics that left all competitors far behind. The car was so brilliant, it was selected Car of the Year 1998. Anyone who has driven a 156 will happily remember the driving experience. The quality of the car was also improved to prior models, resulting in great sales success for Alfa Romeo throughout the model’s lifetime.

In 2001, the GTA model was presented, named after the famous Giulia Sprint GTA of the 60’s winning on racetracks all over the world. The 156 model was already a pretty well running car, could you actually improve it at all? And with the delicious 2.5 V6 24V Busso engine (voted best engine in 2000) in the top model, there was nothing more to do!? YES THERE WAS, because the potential was so great in the base model, that Alfa Romeo together with the design and development company Stola managed to create a roadgoing rocket, which with a large number of improvements ended up in the cult car GTA. Not only was the engine enlarged to 3200cc now producing 250hp, the chassis, brakes and steering were also heavily modified. So many changes were made that in fact only the cabin, doors and bonnets could be considered identical to the standard versions. The production of the engine was relocated from Alfa’s own factory in Arese to Maserati in Modena, and the actual assembly of the car took place on a separate assembly line just for the GTA, by selected experienced employees. However, production stopped after only 4 years, and less than 4,000 cars were produced, both in Berlina and Sportwagon versions.

The GTA here is one of the most sought after versions, with manual transmission and – one is tempted to say of course – in the classic color Rosso Alfa. With only 2 previous owners – both truly Alfisti – the car has been looked after as a baby. As one of the last to leave the production line, it still looks really nice and original. The paintwork is perfect and the inviting two-tone leather cabin is just waiting to be used. Kept completely original without succumbing to the temptation of various upgrades, even the radio is the original. A limited-slip differential has been fitted, which is a good and sensible improvement.

Today, the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA has achieved collector status and is on the rise. Here is the opportunity to get one of the best original cars, in the most desirable color combination.