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Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spider – 1960

EUR 118.000

Alfa Romeo Touring Spider – the name itself gives you flashback to “La Dolce Vita” the good life by the Rivera and fine style in general. It was not exactly cheap when launched in 1958. 50% more expensive than a Mercedes 220 SE and 6 times the price of a VW Type I. Hand built luxury manufactured by Carrozzeria Touring in Milan who also designed the car came at a price. The Spider was produced as a 2 person model up to 1961 followed by a 2+2. The engine was a development of the famous 1900 engine with double overhead camshafts, which later became the cornerstone for the “Nord” engine. Equipped with double carburetors and a higher compression rate the engine develops 113 hk. Combined with a well-functioning 5 speed gearbox – quite extraordinary in the early sixties – the beautiful design was matched with the most advanced technic for that time.

Our example is European, which can be seen from the 2 air intakes and the chrome lists along the side. The body and interior is completely restored and the car presents itself as one of the finest Tourings we have come across. The painting in “Rosso Amaranto” suits the beautiful body well and the cabin with the matching beige leather interior and the gorgeous thin wooden wheel – of course from Nardi – makes it a pleasure to spend time behind the wheel. The hood is brand new as well.

This car is made for relaxed cruising with the hood down. The engine pulls well and you will never get bored by the intake sound from the double carburetors. The car drives very comfortable and the combination of this and the view over the beautiful dash board and the double air intakes mean that a Touring Spider delivers the Italian “Dolce Vita” feeling massively.

We deliver the car with Danish title and a fresh MOT.