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Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300/1600 TI – 1969

EUR 19.900 – See video below

It might have been VW who founded and established the GTI formula, but their car arrived approx. 15 years after Alfa Romeo introduced the Giulia. When presented as a successor for the popular Giulietta in 1962, it was a true technical tour de force. Only few people know that the Giulia in fact was one of the first cars to be developed using a wind tunnel, which resulted in an unheard Cw of only 0.34. It set a new record for a sedan, matched the values of a sportscar like Porsche 911 and was far better than the Jaguar E-Type (0.44). Even the GT version of the Giulia, like the 1750 GT Veloce had a Cw of 0.38. In order to reduce wind resistance, the designers of Alfa Romeo incorporated many technical details in the body such as the sharp cut tail, rounded wind screens, stabilizing lines along the side and not least the integrated (although small) rear spoiler in the roof.

The car is the epitome of our understanding of a GTI. A compact family car equipped with a powerful engine, efficient brakes and not to forget – excellent road manners. All packed in a discreet body where only the knowledgeable could tell, that this car would be a serious match for even so-called sport cars. It was not a coincidence that the Gulia was very popular with the different brands of the Italian police forces back in the Sixties and Seventies. Can you imagine a mafia movie without the appearance of a dark blue Carabinieri police car at full speed?

This car origins from Italy where it spent all its life in the region of Umbria until 2022. The original 1.3 liter engine has been upgraded by a 1.6 liter, which makes a noticable difference. It is a joy to drive the car and with well performing brakes and 5-speed gearbox, you have a package that performs very well, and will provide much fun and joy when driving. The original Alfa color “Pino Verde”, which is so typical for the time really suits the car, as well as the fine grey cloth interior and the handsome veneer on the dash board. The body is straight and in good shape, and so is the mechanics. This car is aimed at an enthusiast, who will actually drive it and not just polish the car. Competitively priced so that a new owner can run a classic Alfa Romeo at a decent budget.

Make sure to see the test drive video below.