Alfa Romeo Montreal – 1976

EURO 79.000

As the only car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo was invited to present their proposal for the theme ‘The Ultimate Dream Car’ at the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair. If you think the car looks like a concept car, it’s not that strange. Because that’s exactly what it is. With the Montreal, Alfa Romeo went straight after other high-profile competitors like the Ferrari Dino 246 GT, Fiat Dino Coupe and Citroen Maserati SM customers.

The design created such an attention, that Alfa Romeo was encouraged to actually start manufacturering the car, and hence it became the first European concept car to be put into production. Before the Montreal arrived 3 years later in 1970, they had to source an engine more suitable for the groundbreaking design of Bertone. A supercar could not be sold with the modest 4-cylinder Giulia 1600 engine that was quickly installed in the show car.

The option was right in front of the Alfa Romeo, which had just gone into sports car racing with their terrific Tipo 33 sports prototypes. For the Tipo 33 Stradale and the sports car races, head of AutoDelta, the former Ferrari engineer, Carlo Chiti had designed a V8 with 4 overhead camshafts that produced up to 350 HP. For the Montreal, Alfa chose to modify it slightly making it more road usable, and thus ended up with a powerful 2.6-liter super-square engine that produce 200 HP. The original 33 Stradale engine size was smaller (2 liters) but still produced 300 HP! So it was an extremely potent base to work from.

Result was a masterpiece of an engine, that was technically on par with the finest cars from Ferrari and Maserati, just more reliable. The dog-leg 5 speed gearbox was purchased from ZF, the same as used in many other of the high end cars of the time.

After the body was produced at the small production line at Bertone, the raw bodies were transported to a new advanced factory in Grugliasco, where they first received a zinc phosphate treatment and then were completely immersed in a series of electrophoresis baths before receiving the final painting. The result was a super-effective rust protection, which Alfa was one of at the time and which is miles away from the rust problems some associate with Alfa Romeo.

If it all sounds expensive, then it was expensive. A buyer would get both a Jaguar E-type convertible AND a Jaguar E-type coupe for the price of one Montreal. It’s almost a miracle that this car was ever built, and to this day a Montreal still appears as an icon, build with some exceptionally refined and advanced technology.

This Montreal was quite unusually sold as new in Denmark in 1976,and has since belonged to the same family. So truly a one owner car.The car has only been driven 51.000 km from new! It has never been restored or refurbished, but only been repainted once when new, as it had some scratches. Of course in the original color Arancio Metallizzato (code 602). We know the car quite well, as we have been servicing it for many years.

This Montreal is extremely original in every detail, and comes with the fine patina that years have given her. This makes it an extremely rare car, since most cars today have been restored. The engine pulls strongly accompanied by a fantastic and seductive sound from the 8 cylinders. The gearbox works perfectly with short precise shifts. This Montreal really drives like a car that has only just completed the first 50,000 km.