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De Tomaso Pantera – 1972

Price 117.900 Euro

Remember to watch the nice video presentation below

The creative entrepreneur Alejandro de Tomaso wanted to produce an Italian sports car within the reach for a broader audience. Following the models Vallelunga and Mangusta, which were produced in quite small numbers and powered by the Windsor version of the Ford engine, it was time for a thoroughbred mid-engined car, which could be produced in larger quantities and compete against the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini supercars.

De Tomaso Pantera was designed by American Tom Tjaarda while working at Carrozzeria Ghia (he was also responsible for the design of the Fiat 124 Spider – notice how the design of the rear end is quite similar). Production of the body was done by Carrozzeria Ghia in Italy, however it was mainly the US market Ford and De Tomaso was aiming at. In cooperation with Ford it was decided to use the legendary Cleveland 351cui for these exotic cars. During the 20 years of production more than 7.000 units were produced, with 75% of the cars sold within the first 3 years. The model became an instant success.

Designed as a genuine mid-engined car with the transmission located at the rear behind the engine, you are never in doubt what the engine is up to. The 5 speed dog-leg ZF transmission with its open gate column operates precisely, and the huge torque of the engine eliminates the need for often gear changes. The brutal sound package is a pretty good picture of the soul of this car. The nice and well-kept original cabin is in a fantastic condition and matches the color of the car well. As with nearly all Panteras this example origins from USA and was imported to Denmark in 2019. Numerus important upgrades has been added, among others a change of the infamous undersized cooling system, so that the car now is equipped with a powerful aluminum cooler with 2 large fans. Furthermore, the brakes are improved and a stronger sway bar mounted. Engine has been fine tuned and fitted with new carburetor, resulting in a solid power measured to 330 bhp at 5400 rpm and a whopping torque of 472 Nm.

The car present itself in an extraordinary nice and original condition. It has just undergone a bare metal full repaint in very high quality, using the original color of the car.Truely a great combination of solid US V8 power dressed elegantly in Italian clothing. An Italian-American love affair on wheels ready for a date with its new owner.