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Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo – 1985

EUR 78,000

The Italian fiscal system taxed cars based on the size of the engine measured in Cubic Inches. Ferrari therefore developed a model of the 308 for the home market  – still with 8 cylinders but now with a displacement of only 1,991 ccm. This engine, however, did not live up to the expectation customers had for a Ferrari and in order to match the competition from Porsche and Maserati the turbo model was introduced in 1982 – developing a healthy 220 bhp and providing the car with satisfactory performance, which actually also matched that of the 308. In fact this was the first turbo charged engine from Ferrari and was the foundation for the development of the famous 288 GTO, which is another story….

The 208GTB Turbo was only produced in 437 examples so even for a Ferrari the model is quite rare. Visually the Turbo can be recognized by its spoiler, which in our opinion matches the beautiful body of Pininfarina quite well.

This example was registered on 2. January 1985 in Bologna and almost all mileage was driven in Italy with the last service carried out at 58,265 km. The car arrived in Denmark in 2018 and in June 2021 the timing belt was exchanged. Today the car has driven a total of 59,262 km and presents itself in a pristine, original and unspoiled condition.

It is quite special to enter a classic Ferrari. You sit low but comfortable in the nice leather seats and the 5 speed gearbox with the famous open gate is a joy to use. The car appears lighter, more nimble and actually also a bit faster than the 308 and it is definitely a joy to drive.

The car contains all the original equipment including a complete set of tools (which cost a fortune today), original spare wheel and even a Ferrari light…

We deliver the car with Danish papers.