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Ferrari 348 GT Competizione – 1994

For Ferrari to compete in the GT3 class they had to build 50 cars of what would become the ultimate street Ferrari 348, the GT Competizione or GTC for short. With 48 LHD and 8 RHD cars,  this is indeed a rare beast from Maranello and even rarer than the previous homologation special of the 308, the iconic 288 GTO. Of course it had to be more potent than the tb and gtb street models. This was achieved with the 320 BHP V8 engine and the use of kevlar and carbon fibre composites in doors, sills, bumpers and race seats. The car sat on 18″ Speedline split rims exclusively manufactured for the GTC and very rare. 190 kg weight reduction compared to the stanard versions was achieved by the Ferrari engineers. On paper is dosen’t sound much, but when compared to 2 full grown passengers being thrown out of the car it becomes very evident when you take the car on the road.

This sample must by any standard qualify as a collectors item. With service, full documentation and a mileage of only 15.900 km it is as new.  It is also 100% original and has never been raced. By special order of 1st owner it was fitted out of Maranello with a Ferrari Level 2 exhaust. A 3.500 Euro set of leather suitcases completes this rare and exclusive package.