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Ford GT 40 –

This CAV (Cape Advanced Vehicles) sets the bar among the many replicas of this legendary car. Built at the factory in Capetown and shipped to the United States to receive a high spec 353 (5.7L) engine from the Ford engine builder par excellence Jack Roush and an expensive Porsche gearbox to cope with the 400+ BHP, this Ford GT 40 sets a standard far above the average home built replica on a budget, with an astmatic Rover 3.5 and a Renault gearbox.

Everything on this car is just right. From the Halibrands to the throaty 4 twin Weber 48 IDA carburettors, adding the true Le Mans audio scene of a spitting and roaring race engine. The only piece of comfort allowed in the period correct cockpit is an air conditioner.

This GT 40 was roadregistered in the United States for a short period of time and comes with a 1966 US title. It is as new in every detail and has done just 2.300 miles. EU duties and VAT is paid. The car has certificate of origin from manufacturer, data certificate from German TÜV (Begutachtung) and is ready for registering in any EU country. World wide shipping can be arranged. Exhange up or down with pre-1975 exotic classic as Maserati, Lamborghini, Alfa or Ferrari will be considered.

Chris Amon remembers negotiating the corners at Le Mans and especially the Mulsanne straight at 200 MPH in a Ford GT 40: