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Jaguar XK150 FHC – 1958

Price 69.000 Euro

Remember to watch the nice video presentation below

The XK150 was presented in 1957 as a further development of the XK120 and XK140. Originally, the numbers referred to the top speed of the car (120 mph = 190 km/h). The XK150 was the last incarnation of Jaguar’s famous “XK” series before the E-Type was presented in 1961. The immensely beautiful XK 150 was in production for only 4 years from 1957 to 1961. The chassis was essentially taken over from the previous models, and although it is not easily visible, some bodywork panels are actually also from the earlier cars. The wider body gave better elbow room for the passengers compared to the quite cramped cockpits in the 120 and 140 models. The XK 150 got disc brakes all around and from the outside, an XK 150 is easily recognizable by the curved windscreen and the higher hip line. William Lyon’s famous XK engine remained largely unchanged and was also carried over from the earlier XK models, but from late 1959 came the increased 3.8 liter version.

The XK 150 Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) was an expensive car reserved for the better clientele. This car was originally delivered to the US market, where the vast majority of Jaguar’s sportier models ended up. The power came from a 6-cylinder in-line engine of 3.4 liters with an aluminum cylinder head, 2 overhead camshafts and 2 SU carburetors. The famous XK engine that saw light just after the war, was perhaps the most advanced engine in mass production in those days. The XK engine was by far the biggest engine success in Jaguar’s history and it was used largely unchanged in its basic design, right up to the 90s.

This XK150 FHC started life in the sunshine state of California, USA. In 1988, it was imported by Jaguar specialist Johan Bendixen to Denmark. In the following years, the car was renovated and upgraded with a 4.2-liter XJ engine with 3 carburetors, so it really doesn’t lack power. With only one owner until 2010, Vitesse Classic Sportscars sell the car to last owner. He has treated the car very well, and has improved the car further with a fully synchronized gearbox with overdrive, an option that suits the car really well. The car is surprisingly fast and comfortable on the motorway as well as at long distances travelling. Many other technical upgrades (just to mention a few: electronic ignition, improved cooling, stainless steel exhaust, refurbished clocks, new wider wire-spoke rims with radial tyres, DAB radio etc) make the car both trouble-free to drive and maintain. And above all, the bodywork has been thoroughly refurbished 2021-2023 with a nice quality paintwork in classic Old English White. And as a final touch, fitted with a new leather cabin in matching red color. It simply doesn’t get more classic than this oh-so British Jaguar.

The car is a true pleasure to drive and it is surprisingly fast and agile. Bear in mind the car is now 58 years of age, and is still the Queen on the motorway, ruling the outer lane ……. . at a relaxed 140 km/h (it’s British, don’t exaggerate).

It is a true pleasure to be able to present this beautiful car to the next connoisseur. On top of that, it is even priced extremely attractively.