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Lancia 2000 Coupe IE – 1971

EURO 23.700

Discreet elegance and high engineering quality is what makes Lancia stands out like only few other car manufactures. Lancia is all about the use of high level solutions and materials combined with Italian design and elegance. The 2000 Iniezione was the final development of the Flavia series, and is an excellent example of Lancia’s philosophy: leave it to other brands to make the most powerful, fastest and most flamboyant cars, we make the best combination of it all.  Lancia is a niche product for the quality minded and well educated connoisseur that appreciates the good things in life, but wants to get around discreetly without calling on all sorts of attention.

Disc brakes on all wheels, sharp 4-speed gearbox and a 2-liter 4-cylinder boxer engine located far in front combined with power assisted steering gave the car eminent and safe driving characteristics. Comfortable interior and a very beautiful dashboard add significantly to the exclusive look of the gentleman’s Gran Turismo car.

This car we found in Italy, and the classification (gold plaquette) in the Italian veteran car organization ASI signals a car in very fine and original condition.