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Lotus Elan +2 – 1968

With its long, swept lines the +2 is by many considered the more elegant Elan. The Lotus Twin Can engine makes the +2 a genuine high speed sportscar and handling and road holding on twisty country roads is almost legendary. With its 2 small back seats and relatively spacy interior the + 2 even has room for 2 children in the back. Lotus produced 5.200 of these cars and less than 1.200 is believed to exist today.

This +2 has just had its exterior disassembled with all out side parts including windows dismantled for a proper respray in the classic Elan +2 color combination of silver roof over burgundy body. The paint job was profesionally done with sanding to raw fibre glass and then application of a special primer to effectively seal the GRP body. The correct Lotus knock-on wheels was refurbished as well.

The mechanics are top condition and the engine was recently trimmed by one of the grand old men in Danish motorsport, engine tuner and race engineer Poul Heichendorff.

The Elan is considered by many to be the best driving British sportscar of the sixties and this sample does certainly not disappoint. Notice that this is one of the few original LHD Elans. Ready for inspection and delivery from our showroom.