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Maserati Ghibli II GT – 1996

This car has been sold, thank you.

Please see presentation video below the pictures

The Brits have a concept they call a Q-car. The term is not taken from the world of James Bond, but from the English navy, where a Q-ship during the Second World War was the term for a warship camouflaged as a merchant ship. A Maserati Ghibli II is truly the epitome of a Q-car. A car with an elegant and quiet design, but heavily armed under the immaculate skin. A gentleman on the outside, but with a big club behind his back. The Ghibli was Maserati’s answer to the BMW M3, Mercedes AMG models and other performance sports sedans at the top of the hierarchy in the 90s.

Maserati Ghibli II is a study in luxury and performance, with interior in Connolly leather and polished burl elm wood. The explosive V6 engine with 2 turbochargers produces a whopping 306 hp, and rockets the noble sedan to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. Especially at overtaking on motorway, your fellow car drivers gets a chock when you fly by.

This car is an extremely well maintained example of Maserati’s Ghibli II GT with full ownership history and service documentation. The elegant color combination Verde Foresta Metallizato together with an airy beige leather cabin conclude the luxury impression in the cabin. Car has been well taken care of and serviced without regard to cost. Being a 1996 model with the 6-speed manual gearbox from Getrag and the strong 2.0 V6 engine, it really benefits from the new Ferrari production ownership with highly improved quality as a result. The GT model was a further upgrade technically as well as in terms of quality after Ferrari took over production control. Production stopped after only 2 years, so you don’t often find low mileage manual cars like this one, especially not in this configuration. The car present itself correct and original in every detail, with only 70,000 km driven. Truly a car for the connoisseurs, and with obvious collector and investment potential.