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Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3,5 – 1971

EUR 39,500

Oh Lord won’t you buy me…..

If there is one model which really established Mercedes Benz as a producer of high quality comfortable luxury cars it must be the W108/109 series – the first “S class”. From the start of production in 1965 until 1973 more than 380,000 cars were produced and the model became synonymous with a luxury car capable of eating long stretches of European and US high ways. Built in a quality which was probably never surpassed and priced accordingly. During the first years of production only the 6 cylinder engine were available, but from 1967 (W 109 with long wheelbase) and 1970 (W108) a v8 engine with 200 bhp was offered. This enabled a top speed of more than 200kph, sufficient to clear the left lane on the autobahns.

This car is a W108 with short wheelbase. It is originally a Danish car, which for the first couple of years served as company car for the director of well known candy company Dandy A/S. When we bought the car it was quite nice and drivable, but we felt that it deserved a restauration to its former glory. The work turned out to be quite comprehensive and took several years to finalize. The body was completely dismantled with all corrosion being dealt with. Following the assembly the car was given a very high quality paint and the cabin was restored with delicious original cognac colored leather, new carpets and roof lining. All work was extensively photo documented. Also the mechanical parts were attended to, and many new parts fitted. Following this work, the car now presents and drives as expected for a Mercedes Benz luxury car.

When entering behind the steering wheel you immediately understand, why this was a reference car back in the Sixties and beginning of the Seventies. There is a sense of quality and upper class when entering the comfortable leather seats and allow the automatic 4 speed transmission bring the car up to speed with one hand on the white steeringwheel (of course the steering is servo-assisted). The doors close with the charateristic sound of a Franz Jaeger safe, which no other manufacturer really can match. Finally the entoxicating sound of the V8 engine – which is never really stretched – is just true pleasure.