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Porsche 356 A Cabriolet – 1958

EUR 245.000

In 1948 in Gmund/Austria the very first car bearing the family name was produced by Porsche. Technically based upon the Volkswagen – which Ferry Porsche had developed before the war – the 356 model was constantly refined over time, and developed until 1965 where the production ended in order tofree up production capacity for the new 901/911 model. The German production facilities of the family had been seized by the US Army after the war, and the production of the initial 500 cars was hence done by Reutter as they had access to production facilities in Germany. When Porsche reclaimed its facilities in Zuffenhausen they took over the production, however Reutter continued to deliver the bodies and seats. The production of the very first cars, named “Pre-A” continued until the introduction of the “A Model”, presented at the Frankfurt exhibition in September 1955 and avaible as Coupe, Cabriolet and Speedster. The first version often referred to as “T1” was in 1957 replaced by “T2”, recognizable by the characteristic teardrop rear lights.

This example is a fully restored T2, produced for the US Market in 1958. A large documentation file informs about the early life of the car in US, including the original Owners Manual and a sales invoice from 1961 stating “One used 1958 Porsche Cabriolet Conv” sold for 2,495 USD!

The car came to to Denmark in 1994 and was acquired by the last owner in 2021. Here it undertook a full restoration where bodywork, interior and mechanics were all restored to a very high standard. All work is of course fully documented. The restoration was recently completed and the car presents itself beautifully in its original Rubinred colour, matching beige hood and black leather seats. A CoA confirming complete matching numbers is avaible as well.

In our opinion a 356 is just beautiful, regardless from which angel you approach it. The lines are curved and harmonious, and especially the “A” model with its low positioned bumpers has a timeless elegance.  Please note how the exhaust is integrated with the rear bumpers – a fantastic design-touch we think. To drive an early 356 is also something quite special. The car handles so easily due to the low weight, and the sound from the aircooled boxer is cosy and quite addictive. It is by no means a racing car (we could recommend other Porsches for that purpose) but the 60 bhp ensured a brisk pace back in those days, and even today it’s sufficient to keep up with modern traffic. The charm and atmosphere of the car is included and is quite irresistible. This model could turn out to be a nice investment, with demand and prices for the fine 356 models increasing.

Car is delivered with fresh MOT and historical Danish license plates.

A short video presentation can be found below the picture gallery.