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Porsche 911 Turbo – 1982

It is hard to believe that almost 45 years has passed since Porsche introduced the turbocharged version of their 911, the mighty 930. Today it takes more than 300 BHP to define a supercar, but in its days the 930 was the world’s fastest car in series production and no Ferrari could follow a 930. It is still with respect that one sits in behind the wheel of this prehistoric beast – and with good reason if you intend to take this car to its limits. The huge KKK turbo charger takes its time to build pressure, but when the needle on the rev counter passes 4,000 rpm the 930 sits firmly on its fat rear tires and inhales the horizon as no other car.

This 930 was delivered new to it first owner from a Porsche dealer in Hannover and drove in Germany until 2017 where it after a short registration in the Netherlands came to Denmark. At that time the car went through a major service with gaskets, filters, heat boxes, oil hoses etc changes or serviced. The turbo was checked and the waste gate changed to a new original with turbo pressure set to 0.9 bar factory setting. All was done by renowned Danish Porsche specialist Schönemann who also gave the car a full 4 wheel alignment.

This lovely 930 is a full matching numbers and colors car in platinum solver with brown leather interior. The odometer reads 83.000 km which are belived to be the original mileage. Comes with EU taxes paid and Dutch registration.