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Porsche 968 – 1993

EUR 31,000

The final iteration of Porsches 4 cylinder transaxle cars – unlike the 924 and 944 models the 968 was produced by Porsche in Zuffenhausen and the revised 3 liter engine was equipped with VarioCam valve management and produced  a healthy 240 bhp. At that time the most powerful 4 cylinder engine in series production. Also the gearbox was new – and now 6-speed so in the best Porsche tradition the 968 was a very capable car also perfect for use on an everyday basis.

And that it also the impression you get now almost 30 years later. The car performs like a modern car – it drives very well thanks to the optimal weight distribution and engine, brakes and transmission work seamlessly together. You get ABS brakes and airbags but luckily not much “infotainment” which anyway would be outdated by now. Instead you will appreciate the perfect seats in leather and the superior quality where ever you look or touch. This is a car perfect for long hauls and we would gladly spend many hours on European roads in it.

The Porsche presents very nice and original and comes along with invoices for maintenance and service in Germany. Equipped with the handsome, original Cup wheels and with only 130,000 on the clock.

We bought the car from a German collector and it is delivered with German papers ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.