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Porsche 993 Carrera 2 – 1994

EUR 79.900

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Often mentioned as the last “real” variant of the iconic Porsche 911 range, the 993 was the final air cooled model from Porsche. 4th generation of the immortal 911 series (following F, G and 964) was named 993 and is by many die-hard enthusiasts regarded as the last “true” 911. The unmistakable rasping engine sound is unique and the design is sincere to many of the classic features from the very first version as designed by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche.

The 993 generation was a further development of the 964 generation, which itself was a major step forward in development, especilly technologically. At the introduction in 1993 the brilliant engineers of Zuffenhausen once again succeeded in improving the technical specifications, leading to an increased power output from 250 to 272 bhp, adding 6-speed transmission, bigger brakes and perhaps most important – a newly developed multi joint rear axle (Weissach axle) improved the driving characteristics with reduced understeer as a bonus. The effect of these developments was the best and most drivable 911 leaving the Stuttgart factory. The performance figures were also very impressive: 0-100kph in 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 270 kph. The car still demanded attention and driving skills from its driver, but the reward was to die for.

This example is a European version car originally delivered in Italy. Still with a fairly low mileage of just 97,600 km. The car is registered with the Italian Veteran Club ASI as being completely original. It has been serviced on a regular basis and comes with complete service records from Porsche.

The striking color Iris Blue Metallic looks great on the car as does the matching grey leather cabin. The rest of the car is just as presentable and is characterized by an owner who was not satisfied with anything but the best. We can only add that to drive this 993 is quite addictive. The car is nimble, well-tuned and indeed a worthy representative for the 911 experience.

An true investment car which is also highly usable. Car comes with Danish documents.