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Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior – 1967

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a very special car. This stepnose Junior has been subject of a total rebuild from empty bodyshell to a GTA like “Bergstormer”. The car was made by us to customer order and specifications and it involved almost every component in the car. Countless upgrades were specified and incorporated and the result is stunning. The car was built with a fast and fun road car in mind and not a full blown race car.

The body was bead blasted to bare metal and all rusty areas were repaired with original parts. Consoles for roll cage and a GTA front panel was fitted. Then a full paint job with several layers of primer, topcoat and varnish was applied in the original color of bianco spino. The interior is in class of its own. With Hans Reinke leather in red raspberry color, thick carpets, new head lining is a delight to sit in this car. Suspension and brakes are upgraded with Eibach springs, OKP ventilated disc brakes etc. 

The 2 liter engine, gearbox and 10:41 reardiff with 25% limited slip has all been totally rebuilt also. Engine has been power tuned with high compression pistons, faster camshafts, bigger valves etc. Together with new Webers and a GTA exhaust header the output shows 170 BHP on a rolling road. Plenty of power without being too hysterical for the road. A race clutch is also fitted.

The true 105 entusiast will find a lot of other nice details on this car from the GTA door handles and push buttons to the steel stainless steel GTA mesh grill down to the GTA number plate light plinthe and the 15″ GTA alloy wheels.

To call this gorgeous GTA look-alike a “restomod” would not be correct, because every upgrade is made with the original cars in mind. Live rear axle has not been substituted with a multilink independent system and engine is not some 16 valve modern EFI powered lump that may have 240 BHP but has none of the intake roar of the classic Alfa engine breathing heavily through its twin double choke Webers. The changes were kept to in order to preserve all the spirit intact that these wonderful cars had in their heydays. An intoxicating car for the connoisseur.