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Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super – 1963

Historic racecar with valid barcoded HTP FIA App K. papers. As AR595139, mostly supposition. By 1970 was a club racecar in Belgium. Purchased by Nick Atkins in 1980. Built in 1993 to above specification and given FIA papers 93/1372. Since then raced continuously throughout Europe in the FIA Historic Touring Car challenge by Jon Dooley, Richard Bateman, and Nick Atkins. Featured in Goodwood Revival ’98 video. Maintained by Bob Dove. Run last 3 years in danish historic series.

Chassis: Based on the remains of AR595139 (1963), and utilising the adjustable front suspension, and aluminium doors, bonnet, and boot lid, the car was built from scratch into a right hand drive seam welded Giulia Super shell AR720449 with new ex-factory front section. The shell is also reinforced around suspension pick-ups, steering box, and steering column, and is fitted with a full Sparco roll cage, Ridgard seat, new Willans 5 point aluminium slider harness, SPA plumbed in extinguisher with sealed cable pulls. Modified TI Super dash with full instrumentation and Stack “historic” tachometer. Recently re-wired, lightweight loom with all R.T.A. systems functional. Interior otherwise stripped out and fire protected. Laminated screen, Perspex windows. Foam filled bag tank in aluminium container, fuel system fully Aeroquipped. Custom made ducted oil cooler and aluminium radiator by Serck, Varley battery in boot. Weight 840kgs without fuel or driver.

Suspension: Special springs, and roll bar, revalved Bilstein front dampers, Koni rear, lowered to the maximum permitted by FIA Appendix K regulations, specially designed Nylotron bushing, lightened trailing arms, short forged steering arms for quicker ratio, and corner weighted for 80kgs driver. 15” x 5 ½ ” Technomagnesio wheels. Dunlop CR65 #204 racing tyres.

Engine: AR105 1588cc single plug with GTA connecting rods and forged pistons with specially developed cams. 45DCOE Weber carburettors. GTA exhaust manifold, special high capacity oil pump and sump baffling, racing alternator. Straight through tuned exhaust to 98db. 162BHP at 7,700 rpm. All legal to Apppendix K.

Gearbox: GTA close ratio hollow shaft lightweight gearbox, just rebuilt.

Drive shaft: Modified system with up rated GKN bearings by Recoprop to eliminate centre-bearing float, and reduce weight.

Clutch: AP Twin Plate racing clutch, modified from cable to rod operation.

Axle: Fitted “Gripper” LSD – same principle but better made than A-R differential. Currently 5.8-1, but several other ratios available. Staubli dry-break hydraulic connection to chassis to facilitate rapid axle changes.

Brakes: Dunlop discs, with modified stainless steel pistons to front brakes with F1 seals and mica heat shields to allow use of carbon metallic and other high temperature pads. Twin circuit brakes with adjustable brake balance, and remote reservoirs, fully Aeroquipped except where copper is advantageous.

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