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Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA Recreazione – 1970

DKK 449.000

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We don’t want to tell you the well know historical facts with Alfa Romeo winning the Touring Car championships in the late 60s and 70s, because you know that already. The Giulia Sprint GTA is a reference car, in terms of handling as well as racing. Made in only 1000 pieces of both 1300 and 1600 versions, it is today a rare and costly car. Instead we present to you our take on a Recreazione or Tribute, that will give you equal performance and look at the fraction of the price.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a very special car. This Scalino started life in Italy as a 1300 GT Junior in 1970. Based on a very healthy, restored and rustfree body, it has now been transformed into a roadgoing missile with many modifications and upgrades, still roadworthy and also usable for trackdays. The car was built with a fast and fun road car in mind and not a full blown race car.

There has been especially focus on the mechanical parts. Engine upgraded to 2 liter, gearbox and 10:41 reardiff with 25% limited slip has all been totally rebuilt as well. Engine has been power tuned with high compression pistons, faster camshafts, modified valves etc. Together with the twin Webers and a 60mm stainless steel exhaust with 4-2-1 header, the output shows a healthy 170 BHP on a rolling road. Plenty of power without being too hysterical for the road. Suspension and brakes are all new as well, with Eibach springs combined with Bilstein dampers and harder bushings. Final touch is 15” GTA alloys with fatter tires, resulting in a real well driving car that you can drive anywhere, even on the track.

The changes were kept in order to preserve all the spirit intact that these wonderful cars had in their heydays. An intoxicating car for the connoisseur. Take the car to the B-roads on the countryside, and you will have pure fun driving it around accompanied by the roaring sound from the Webers and the large exhaust. Make sure to see the nice video below.

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