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Austin Mini Cooper S – 1965

This original 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S Mk. 1 is a full blown race car with extensive racing history. Originally a Swedish rally car prepared by Keeper Motorsport in Sweden it is now fully prepared for track racing to FIA Appendix K regulations (pre-1965 cars up to 1300 cc). In 2000 it participated in the Monte Carlo Challenge. 2002 it won the Danish Historic A4 Championship and 2003 it won it again, not just in its class, but overall App K winner.

The list of modifications and expensive parts is long. Engine bored to max displacement of 1293 cc. Steel crank weighed and balanced. Forged pistons. Custom made Swiftune cylinder head, ported, flowed and with steel valves. Full race cam. Twin SU carburetors.

Straight cut, close ratio Jack Night gearbox with special long life syncros and 70% limited slip differential. Gearing ratio 4.1. Suspension uprated and track to max homologation with negative camber etc. 19 mm adjustable rear anti roll bar. Uprated brakes with adjustable bias, discs front and drums rear. 2 complete sets  (8) of original Minilites with Dunlop Racing. Corner weighted.

Safety and race equipment is 6-point roll cage, harness, race seat, built in fire extinguisher system , Spa RPM rev limiter, transponder etc. Lambda sensor in exhaust to monitor lean fuel/air mixture when engine for longer periods runs at full throttle on tracks with long straights.

The car comes with international FIA papers and is eligible for any national and international historic event under FIA regulations. It is a highly competitive car built to max homologation specifications and it in overall nice condition. As a full blown race car it has seen its fair share of action. It is not a garage poodle.