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Ferrari F355 Berlinetta – 1995

380 BHP from its 3.5 litre V8 with 5 valves per cylinder makes the 355 Berlinetta considerably more powerful than its predecessor the 348tb. Powersteering and a much better 6-speed gearbox also makes it a lot easier to negotiate than earlier Ferraris. The 355 is one of the best driving Ferraris ever made and is still one of the best handling cars in the world. A skilled driver behind the wheel and a F355 will leave newer Porsches and other high ranking sportscars in the dust on a winding mounting road. Low-end torque is not impressive, but keep the engine above 5.000 rpm and you will be rewarded with slingshot acceleration accompanied by a spine tingling howl from the 40 valves working behind your neck all the way up to red-lining at 8.250 rpm. Fantastic engine, fantastic handling, fantactic looks. It all adds up to immense fun.

This is a verde scuro metallizato with tabacchi leather interior. The gentleman who likes to enjoy his Ferrari with a little discretion might find it quite attractive. It does not come with a service history and is due for an engine service including change of cambelts. It has a few scratches here and there, but nothing serious and no dings.

That said there certainly also are good things to be said about this car. It is a 2 owner car with a very low mileage of 28.500 km, which we guarantee. It is accident free and has its original paint. It has full climate and it performs faultless in every way. There is nothing wrong with this car and we are selling it at a rock bottom price. Hence we will not trade your car in and we will not accept offers! We can however offer this car with a complete service including cambelt change at an additionnal 3.800 Euro. This is a EU car so no additional EU VAT to be paid.This is a rare chance to aquire a F355 at the price of a 348tb. World wide shipping can be arranged.