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Porsche 911 S 2.7 – 1977

The new G-series from 1974 represented a major upgrade in the 911 model history. From the belt line and below the body saw some significant changes with large aluminum bumpers integrated in the body with collapsible rubber bellows filling the gaps and being able to withstand up to 5 mph impact. This design was arguably among the prettiest of all the car manufacturers’ solutions to comply with new US impact regulations and a design that was to remain unchanged for the whole 15 year lifespan of the G-series 911.

Engine displacement was enlarged from 2.4 to 2.7 liter giving the 2.7S version a healthy 165 BHP with more low-end torque compared to the somewhat temperamental 2.4S.

A new and more luxurious interior together with a few admissions to comfort like an electrical fan in the heating system giving almost instant heat in the cabin on cold starts was also added to this hitherto basic sports car.

This fully matching numbers and matching colors 911S in rare and sought after oak green with cognac leather has been subject to the most comprehensive and professional restoration job imaginable. Body, engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes, interior and every, component and nut and bolt on this car have been closely inspected, measured and either changed or restored to as new condition. The work was carried out under supervision and close scrutiny of experienced Porsche employees and finished off by a 2,500 km break-in and adjustment run with odometer now reading 003023 KM

It is our firm belief that if you can find another 911 that matches this one you will have to visit the Porsche museum in Zuffenhausen. It is as close to a factory new 1977 911S one can possible get and with for instance body tolerances that supersede factory specs.